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The elegant Kajal Agarwal came down as a gift to her parents on 19-06-1985.This hot, upcoming diva of the Telugu film industry actually traces her roots to Mumbai where she lived with her mother and father. Citing her mother as her role model, she also believes in the intelligence of her mother. Bollywood has seen this actress in the movie “Kyon Ho Gaya Na.” Her killer smile couldn’t be resisted by the Telugu cine directors who hurried to sign her for their films. Completing her graduation in Mumbai, Kajal was quick to identify her need in the Telugu, Tamil and Hindi film industries. She started her career in 2005 and in a short span of time has earned considerable fan following. So much so that she is on the way to replace the famous Charmi to become the Brand Ambassador of ‘Big C’.

Kajal’s five feet four inch figure kicked off on its journey in the Telugu film industry with the film ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam’. This was co-starred by Actor Kalyan Ram and directed by the famous Telugu director Teja which hit the screens on February 15th 2007. But it was the following film ‘Chandamama’ and another Tamil movie ‘Pazhani’ that took her aspirations to be a famous actress to great heights. Then the audience saw her sharing screen space with Ram Charan in ‘Magadheera.’ Her latest charismatic performances can be seen in ‘Magadheera’ opposite Ram Charan again and in ‘Arya 2’ with the great entertainer and dancer Allu Arjun. She went on each time to bag roles in Tollywood , Kollywood and Bollywood. The bubbly has quite a number of films to her credit now including “Raana,” “Saroja,” “Atadista,” “Pourudu” and” Ganesh.” Kajal’s future roles include “Darling” opposite Prabhas, “Om Shanti” opposite Navdeep and “Naan Mahan Alla” opposite Karthi. The chirpy girl however owes her charisma to fitness routines and nutritious food.

The young actress loves acting and modeling and dislikes cruel and rude people. She wants to be surrounded by people of pleasant, honest and loving nature like her. She simply goes flat on three colours –blue, white and red. Her favourite dishes include Hyderabadi Biryani and spicy food, but no wonder the actress still maintains a real slim shady. She speaks Hindi, Marathi and English. Perhaps her roles in Telugu movies might one day make her fluent in the language too. Dancing, viewing films and listening to music are her pastimes and hobbies. Her favourite males from the industry include King khan and Mahesh Babu (Telugu).Coincidentally she likes a heroine who has a synonymous name- the Bengali actress Kajol Devgan from Bollywood. Kajal also includes Preety Zinta in her list of favourites. She loves cricket and likes to wear jeans, t-shirts and also sarees. Kajal prefers any soft drinks but it be better provided to her in a place like Kerala , Goa or Mauritius.Then she would seriously be thrilled and pleased.


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